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hakeira Wynde is a versatile therapist, counsellor, and facilitator. As a Registered Massage Therapist in practice since 1988, she brings joy filled delight, skills, technical expertise, and in-depth experience to enhance your well being and awaken your “True Essence Self”.

She is a Reiki Master who has healed and assisted many people to bring balance, love, and more energy into their bodies and lives. As a certified Lay Counsellor she has helped many achieve goals and enhance their relationships and career choices. As an Alternative Holistic Healer she incorporates Massage, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, energy chakra balancing, pure and naturally blended Essential Oils, and personal, unique Flower Essence Blends.

Shakeira has developed more than 400 flower, rock and gem essences that vibrationally change DNA patterns to activate your codes for the new Mayan era. Personal Consultation for people and pets is available upon request now with prompt delivery to all parts of the world.

After one treatment session, people feel more energetic and are attuned to their Divine Selves, feeling balanced and in harmony with Life Force Energy. Shakeira Wynde channels Life Force Energy through touch, word, and therapeutic modalities to reawaken your natural inner sense of well-being. By focusing on their stated intention and desire for enhanced well-being, Shakeira assists people from all walks of life to pass through life transitions to become happy, energetic and rejuvenated, playful people once again.

Shakeira has travelled to Hawaii, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Greece, and the USA to learn healing techniques, gathering healing remedies from the land and medicine peoples. She has facilitated many groups and individuals, Workshops, and Playshops in many different locations. Shakeira has operated a Bed and Breakfast and Massage retreat in the Gulf Islands and in Victoria.

Shakeira is an accomplished artist, writer and business women.


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