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~ Autumn ~


Greetings Dear Ones,

Fall, Sultry sun. Orange pumpkin moon. Inky darkness studded with diamond drops. Cool damp evenings. Honeydew grassy mornings. Simmering hearty stews. Fragrant herbed soups and breads. A gathering and preparing time. Woodsmoke fires. Harvest again Mother Earth's bounty from our flower and vegetable gardens. Grateful once more of her mysterious rebirth, growth and recycle rhythm. Autumn is ruled by Mabon, Queen of the Faery People. Earlier earth promises fulfilled as we reap harvest. The wheel turns to welcome the Balance of Light and Dark.

Persephone enters the underworld Mother Demeter. Symbol of harvest and Corn Mother. Hues of orange, yellow, bronze flowers, stones and Squash strewn on healthily lush altars. Elusian mysteries. Rituals to experience individual death and transformation. The recent death of Diana reminds us of the modern Persephone myth.

Lately, I have been touched by the magick of "the moment" flow precious Love is and how fleeting our time on this beautiful green planet Earth may be. How important it is daily moment-to- moment to acknowledge the Light and love each one of us has to offer. Slow down and let go. Be present. Listen. Be remembered for your loving kindness, joyous uplifting of others "presenceness". Laughter and Love. All other vanishes. Let our hearts lead the way home instinct serves us well whatever we do to the web we do ourselves* we are all one* We are all connected to one another and to all the creatures here and globally. There is enough love for all. Share yours now and receive that which is offered to you.

My experience in Crete has been life enhancing. I feel touched by the Goddess and cellularly altered. Journeying with special women into deep dark caverns, birthing caves, peak shrines and ancient sacred sites performing transformational rituals has struck a chord of remembrance in my soul. I feel renewed, recharged and reawakened. I studied secret ancient healing techniques with which I am eager to "tough you' on your next visit. My desire is to enhance your sense of well-being and lovingly reawaken your core level of being, thereby remembering who you are. A divine child of the Great mother/Father/All That is and revitalizing your cellular DNA memory. So if it has been a while for you come and be nourished from the well.

As the dark season progresses, embrace the darkness, contrast for it helps you claim your own truth, your own unique path the radiant sun seeds are deep within and the healing is water to nourish the growth.

I am offering my lovely new space (replete with hot tub) for a weekly women's sharing circle and sensationally mysterious yet to be revealed new play shops. Call me for details:



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