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    Bed & Breakfast

    Stay at Girlfriends Retreat to experience beauty, pleasure and rejuvenation or book an appointment for the following treatments.

    Goddess Spa Packages


    Pewter Goddess B&B
    Chocolate Bubblebath
    Silver Goddess B&B
    Chocolate Truffle Fizzle Bath
    Truffle Body Wrap
    Platinum Goddess B&B
    Seaweed Bath
    Clay Wrap
    Golden Goddess

    Brown Sugar Scrub
    Chocolate Cream Wrap
    Hot Stone Massage


    Body Treatments:

    Massage - gentle non-invasive & relaxing.
    Cranial Sacral - improves clarity of body, mind & spirit.
    Aromatherapy - a feast for the senses - calming, relaxing & restorative.
    Aromatic Hot Stone Massage - ancient lava rocks warm your soul.
    Flower Essence - soothing uplifting & re-balancing.
    Reiki - pure energy - a feeling of gentle, unconditional love.
    Energy Balance - free your body, mind & spirit.

    Herbal Baths:

    Camomile - gentle & calming
    Lavender - uplifting & soothing
    Pine - refreshing & uplifting
    Rosemary - stimulating & warming
    Rose - rejuvenating & sensual
    Citrus Lime - refreshing & becalming
    Moor Mud - detoxifying & releasing


    Herbal Foot Soak - aromatherapy, flower essence & massage.
    Herbal Aromatic Facial - cleansing, exfoliation & toning with clay & massage with rose oil.

    “One on One Sessions”

    Channeling - Shakeira channels loving messages from spirit to guide you on the path of your soul.
    Connect to Your Higher Power - with Shakeira's loving guidance.
    Counselling - gently awaken your true essence self with remedies & resources to strengthen your core being.
    Breath - explore your prana for optimal health.
    Creative visualization - learn to create your own reality.
    Reiki - Level 1, 11 and Master. Be your own healer.
    Yoga - private instruction for union of body & mind.
    Tai Chi Chih - 20 movements & sound to centre & integrate the self.


    Learn to Meditate - get to know your Adorable Inner Being.
    Create a Treasure Map - a visual image, you create, to get "there" from "here".
    Activate & Live Your Dream Now - dance easily & effortlessly into the life you've always wanted.
    Wise women Ceremony - celebrate your life.
    Personalize Your Own Playshoppe - receive one on one mentoring & guidance.

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