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~ Spring ~

Greetings Dear Ones,

"With the breath of my spirit I bless! With the cells of my body I sing. In gratitude, reawakening."

I love to sing this refrain after my morning daily Tai Chi Chih practice. It expresses how happy I feel to be alive and healthy and full of vitality and manna blessed with a great career of massage and assisting others heal as I allow pure, positive energy to flow through my veins from my practice and I really feel my cells zing!! I know as I bless my sisters and my self and all the beauty that surrounds me that I feel so buoyant! Walking my dog Kassi, I love touching the earth, smelling the crisp air and the rich, damp, fetid earth and warm sun on my back. I feel so free, so full, so confident, so sure of who I am!

I love the spring awakening from my winter's slumber. I feel myself and the earth having a great big stretch and as I search far and wide I see beautiful violet and golden crocuses, lavender and white bells flowers, sunny yellow and white daffodils and narcissus, fresh green grass shoots, pink flocked plum and cherry blossoms, and soon a vast array of rainbow coloured tulips popping up all over like a crazy coloured patchwork quilt, and I feel so blessed and grateful for all the good in my life.

Spring goddess Flora has waved her magick wand and bestowed her abundance across the land. Eostre, a goddess of fertility & agriculture, is celebrated with the ritual lighting of dawn fires as a protection for crops. She symbolized springtime, new growth, and rebirth. Eastre once appeared on a rainbow bridge dressed in a brilliant red/ gold robe of warm, vibrant sunlight to melt the late winter snows. She changed a wounded bird into a snow hare, who brought forth rainbow eggs. As a sign of spring, Eostre instructed little children to watch for the snow hare to appear with her magical eggs. Do you remember your childhood Easter Egg Hunts, and how the joy was in the hunt?

During the winter, I was blessed to visit Hawaii for a magical carpet ride as a birthday present from a dear friend, which sowed the seeds for me to visit Maui again for a revitalizing, exciting bellydance retreat. I had the pleasure of seeing baby whale and friends from a kayak - a fun, exhilerating experience. At one point, two males vying for Mom's mating favours headed straight for my craft. I had visions of being lifted very high - playfully, they switched course. I snorkeled near giant sea turtles and amazing coloured fish and coral. While I was there, I planned a fabulous wellness retreat for all of you. A time to "come home to yourself,"honour the sacred space within and the Art of Being.

I planned a women's wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation retreat in magical Maui. Mana Lea Gardens is a tropical paradise retreat with gourmet organic food, fresh waterfall swimming pool, outdoor hot tubs, 40 acres of paths, trees, greenery, and meadows to feast and delight your senses. Morning options will inlude meditation, hatha yoga, tai chi, art, journalling, facial rejuvenation, massage, and relaxation. Afternoons to relax, nap, and swim, and Be. Evenings will include a fulll moon ritual, storytelling, and free time. Come play with me - you know you certainly deserve it.

Love and blessings!

Shakeira Wynde

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