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~ Winter ~

Greetings Dear Ones,

Welcome Winter Solstice. It is time to rest and dream in these deep, dark, long cold nites which bring forth spring's promise from this deep, rich, fertile, unconscious territory. Again the quarter turn of the year's wheel brings us Winter Solstice "Return of the Light". Honoring our ancestors, our own Goddess nature seen in the Creatix Grandmother Spider and the wisdom and Abundance of White Buffalo women. We gather to celebrate traditions and rituals with friends, clients, family and loved ones. Sharing earth's harvest bounty around crackling fires, serving homemade, lovingly prepared treats and feats with wondrous smells wafting thru the air.

Now the time has come this year to remember who you are and take care of yourself first. Relax in that comfortable chair, sip a glass of wine or sherry, the Christmas fights are twinkling inside and out, cat, dog and kids are resting, your feet are uplifted, you smile knowing you've done your best. You feel happy and joyful.

*I believe the best choice I can make in any given moment is to decide I want to feel good- Having chosen this, I trust my instincts, Inner Being and knowing voice to guide me; all-ways to keep choosing thoughts, people. Places events and things which will help me in greater alignment to feeling good. Following my bliss is a path full of good feeling moments. Anytime I am out of sync, my negative emotions remind me that I have another choice for joy, happiness and well-being. Appreciation and Allowing are wondrous teachers of life; alive in the present moment, freedom and trust in the future. Daily, I give thanks for all my good, my abundance of energy, my good health, vitality, well-being. Friends, loved ones, clients, spirit guides, animal friends, career, creative expression, home & prosperity... As I expand my energetic conscious awareness, I am rewarded with an increased energy flow accessing untold realms of healing vibrations including sound, colour, smell, cellular DNA structuring, flower essences, Aurasoma, aromatic balancing oils, Reiki, massage & cranial-sacral. By allowing my skill, talents and technical expertise to be guided by your individual intention, you channel the course of your own healing journey. I am only the energetic channel the Wynde responds to your shifting sails. Life is and adventure! Follow yours and Live it to the fullest enjoyment!

I love new beginnings! Unknown places, uncharted lands- to go alone into the void knowing I am guided by my own Guardian Angel/Goddess/God/Divine Force called on by Spirit, to be all I intended to be as I excitedly came forth to earth to join the human race. My path has followed many encounters of the "Magickal Kind", and now a whole new year of life to expand my growth potential but, to try another role for size. What shall I be now? I wonder?

Be myself, Be true, Be authentic, Be Me! As I follow my heart, all else follows. She knows the way as does yours. Trust your own heart and your divine wisdom and together you are a winning team. Count your blessings! Laugh, Love, Live, Give! Smile, the Angels are among us. Blessings dear ones.

*December Specials*

*Buy 2 gift certificates, and receive a 1/2 hour one free*.

Please drop by and enjoy tea, tarts and cookies and have a peek at my expanding Art gallery.

Watch for my book- "Eating Mangoes Naked in the Bathtub" or "Dancing thru Depression" to be published.

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~ Spring ~

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